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Holiferm develops and offers licences to holistically improved fermentation technology for massive economic improvements.

Our technology more than doubles lipid fermentation productivity compared to state of the art.


The technology is applicable to a broad range of lipids and has initially been demonstrated with biosurfactants.



Holiferm is a technology development company that holds proprietary technology developed by the founders at The University of Manchester.


The wealth of industrial biotechnology and process engineering experience in our team, combined with our worldwide industrial and academic network, allows us to develop the lowest cost production processes for a range of lipid products our technology can be applied to.


Holiferm's technology has applicability to an extensive portfolio of products. Our lead programme is the development of economic biosurfactant production processes, for which we can provide a complete platform technology for production, isolation and purification, enabling market disruption with low-cost biosurfactants. We can also provide process development for a molecule of interest for a company for other lipid products.


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