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The Team

Ben Dolman 

Ben Dolman (along with James Winterburn) is the inventor of our company's proprietary technology, carried out during his PhD at The University of Manchester. As well as bringing his technical expertise in biosurfactant production, Ben has developed links throughout the industry, enabling collaborative projects to scale the project to pilot scale, apply the technology to additional molecules, and use waste substrates as a feedstock.

In recognition of this work, he won, along with James, the BBSRC early career researcher Innovator of the year award 2018, as well as being invited to give a keynote talk at the AkzoNobel innovation competition (Imagine Chemistry), in recognition of his entrepreneurial mindset.

James Winterburn
Expert Advisor

James Winterburn is a senior lecturer at The University of Manchester and a world-leading expert in biosurfactant production and integrated separation of bio-based products. He has developed an excellent network of companies in the biosurfactant space and in-depth knowledge of the whole value chain from feedstock to the application of biosurfactants.


James provides expert advice, as well as support in identifying and approaching new partners and identifying additional potential applications of the technology.


Along with Ben, he won the BBSRC early career innovator of the year 2018 award for his work on integrated production and gravity separation of biosurfactants.